About Prowash Cape Town

Experienced and Reliable

Let us help you keep your largest investment looking clean and new! Dirt, grime, algae, mold & mildew can make even the most beautiful home look old and worn out.

We provide a full range of professional exterior soft wash & high pressure cleaning services to make your residential property look fresh, clean and new again!

Try our Soft & Pressure Washing Service – Driveway, walkway, decks, patios, gutters, roof, walls and window cleaning solutions.

Servicing Cape Town and surrounds.

We Pay Close Attention to Detail

Reliable and honest.

Satisfaction-oriented and professional.

Experienced and dedicated.

For the ProWash Cape Town team, these are the ingredients that deliver exceptional service.

We use these goals to guide every solution we offer,

from House Soft & Pressure Washing Service to

concrete cleaning , Driveway and

walkway high pressure cleaning.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We bring industry-leading technology,

professional expertise, and years of experience to every job.

Whether you’re dealing with a gutter cleaning issue

or need a driveway pressure cleaned, we’re here for you.

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